Is Mexico ready for the 5G network?


Key telecommunications representatives in Latin America met in Mexico to discuss the future of the 5G network in Mexico.

Through the “From the commutator to 5G” forum, organized by Ericsson, a company focused on offering telecommunications equipment and solutions, key representatives from Latin America met to discuss the future of Mexico and 5G technology.

The discussion began with Mischa Dohler, Director of the Telecommunications Research Center at King’s College London, who warned that Mexico has to face important challenges to develop this technology.

” The challenge that Mexico has is the delay and, for this, Artificial Intelligence plays a fundamental role in predicting movements in the network and so that time can be optimized ,” he said.

In turn, Dohler explained that another challenge that Mexico must face is precisely the progress of Artificial Intelligence.

” There should be no margin for error and everything has to be explainable, ” he added.

The Director of the Telecommunications Research Center at King’s College London warned that tenders should be done very quickly.

” Give government guarantees to protect the investment of operators, because if the law changes, billions of dollars can be lost, ” he said.

The 5G network, according to Dohler, could help, to a large extent, to create synchronized realities and consolidate real time, which will help to operate machinery, direct construction, perform surgeries, advance in the medical field and teach distance learning.

Subsequently, national businessmen and experts in the sector argued that the Mexican government should get involved to benefit the connectivity of citizens and key industries for the country, such as automotive, tourism, mining and agriculture.

In fact, key representatives in telecommunications pointed out that Mexico should not leave behind technological development, since the consequences could be the loss of regional economic leadership and effects on its credit ratings.

That is, Mexico tends not to get involved in these types of issues because of its proximity to the United States.

Arun Bansal , president of Ericsson in Latin America, added that Mexico will be one of the most benefited nations with the infrastructure and development of the 5G network , since it is 10 times better than 4G and 10 times cheaper.

5G could operate next year in Mexico, but regulation is urgent

The 5G technology could operate next year in certain Mexican niches, such as the centers of the most important cities or stadiums and, within two or three years at the national level, but the operators stressed that the government must act quickly.

Bansal said that every 10% increase in Internet penetration, the Gross Domestic Product automatically increases by 1.1% in any country, so 5G technology is essential for regulators and investors.

For this to happen, there must be an ecosystem with spectrum regulation, clear rules for permits, digital security, incentives for innovation and education for the improvement of human capital.

What are the AT&T, Telcel, and Movistar plans?

AT&T mentioned in 2017 that its efforts were focused on the 5G network, while Telcel announced the launch of the 4.5G network. The BBC said that both operators would be deploying this technology in Mexico at some time of 202 0, but the reach would only cover 3% of the population. Movistar still has no plans on the development of the 5G network.

It is likely that only regions such as CDMX, Guadalajara or Monterrey will begin with the deployment of the 5G network, but it should also be considered that few devices have the support for the connection of this network.


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