Canadian woman disappeared on the beach in the hotel zone of Mazatlan


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- A woman originally from Canada has been missing for just over 24 hours and is already sought by relatives.
Reports sent to this news page indicate that an aunt of the foreigner has requested the support of the authorities to locate her.

The woman’s name is Manda Cooper and she is 43 years old; As particular signs the last time he saw him wearing a white blouse, denim shorts and bikini type suit below.
When they let her know about her, it was in the beach area of ​​the El Cid hotel and although she has been searched, they have not been able to find her.
In addition to being searched by the police during their patrols, everyone’s collaboration is requested and in case anyone has seen it, they can make the report at 066.

Dec 19th reports came in that she is back in Canada have surfaced yet still no official confirmation

Source: rasnoticias

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