In development, 3 new towers in Mazatlan; recognition given to congressman


MAZATLAN Sinaloa.- Mazatlan Real Estate Developers reported that by 2020 they currently have developments of three new towers on Ave Del Mar, with an investment of over one billion pesos, and that they will generate hundreds of jobs for the Mazatlecos

Also, they gave recognition to the deputy Mario Rafael González Sánchez (of the PT), and both sides endorsed their commitment to work for the development of the port of Mazatlan and continue with their orderly growth.

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The real estate businessmen also requested the support and facilities of the State Congress, in order to carry out better projects.

They said they were willing to cooperate and make improvements for what they call “their home” (Mazatlan).

Also, they asked González Sánchez for their help, in the face of what they call “extortion” from a local law firm that operates against them.

They requested that in this case the law be applied as soon as possible.

González Sánchez assured real estate professionals that they will manage to resolve the requests made, and made it clear that it is the Government’s obligation to support entrepreneurs to make investments and not have to go elsewhere.

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The entrepreneur-government union has to be reflected in an improvement in the quality of life of citizens, and it is no good for this merger to be damaged, as has happened in the past, he added.

The Deputy and real estate businessmen agreed to meet again.

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The real estate professionals said they are grateful to the current municipal administration, which gives them their support and there is communication and follow-up on the issues discussed.

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