Mexico entrepreneurs face some challenges but have advantages


The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor ensures that the country is in 23rd place in entrepreneurship issues in Latin America.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) stressed that Mexico has the second-best context for entrepreneurship in Latin America, as there is business financing and until recently the government policies that supported that activity.

In the case of business financing, the private sector is the one that is currently prevailing, such as Reinventing Mexico, which aims to boost social and technological innovation in Mexico, as a strategy for the development of the country.

“Reinventing Mexico is the foundation where we are building a platform of thought where we want to attract different events from international spheres to the country and thus open spaces for issues such as inclusion and even the role of technology. We are bringing different entities and experts who see the different challenges that the country is going through, ”Javier López Casarín, president of the Reinventing Mexico Foundation, told Expansión.

During the third edition of SingularityU Mexico Summit 2019, Casarín assured that the country has an environment where bright minds are mixed and there is a perfect opportunity for all participants to exchange ideas and improve the future of the country.

Well, in a matter of entrepreneurship, the president of the foundation believes that it is essential to understand that startups or any entrepreneur who wants to make a change in society will initially fail.

“We have to deal with the fear of failure and therefore the first step is not taken. We are full of ideas but lack of structure that fear of trying stops you and you should demystify the issue of failure and understand it as part of the process, ”said Casarín.

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Mexico as a replica of other countries

The GEM ensures that the country occupies position 23 in terms of entrepreneurship, below Argentina.

The Mexican entrepreneurial ecosystem is at a turning point determined by the lack of a support policy that the federal government had had so far. Part of that support begins to be covered by the market, corporations are creating venture capital funds and Afores are investing in venture capital, said Hernán
Fernández, managing partner at Ángel Venture México.

In this sense Casarín added that Mexico is moving forward, but without a doubt the country needs “a hub” for the entrepreneurial segment to grow, just as Israel has done with its entrepreneurs, however, the Israeli government understands that so that A new idea flows must be contributed and put on your part so that people have the courage to invest.

For this reason Reinventing Mexico wants to make society understand that the important thing right now is to attack poverty in the country: “We are aware that there are more than 20 million children with poverty and that is our future, we have to turn to see them and It starts from education, ”said the founder of the foundation.

He added that this is a challenge that the country has: “It is our future and we should not leave everything in the hands of the government, but as a society, we must do it all together.”

Children as inspiration for adults

SingularityU Summit, is an event that has the power to inspire anyone, whether big or small, so Javier López Casarín said he is very motivated by the presentations of Tilly Lockey and Xóchitl Guadalupe.

“It is not a topic only for experts here, there are children who are giving us an example, we have to turn to see them and lower the barriers, the myths are falling and what we can do is ask how to generate spaces for children to grow ”, Concluded López Casarín.

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