Cruise arrivals to Mazatlan will increase by 10% in 2020


Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The arrival of tourist cruises to Mazatlan continues, two arrived on Tuesday Nov. 12, totaling 6 of the 14 scheduled for this month.

The Carnival Miracle and Eurodam ships entered the port with more than 6,103 passengers and crew on board, which during their stay, reactivated the demand for services in the city and the rural area.

The municipal president of Concordia, Felipe Garzón López, explained that every week two buses with cruise passengers are arriving Concordia, Malpica, Mesillas and Copala, which are contemplated in the itinerary of the tours through the rural area.

For his part, the secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Oscar Pérez Barros, explained that from January to October this year, 97 cruises with 286,176 passengers came into Mazatlan, leaving an economic spill of over 20 million US dollars.

He said that by 2020 there will be an increase in arrivals of 10%, with 150, versus 136 scheduled for this year, in addition to the arrival of two new vessels, and another European shipping company by 2021 .

Similarly, he revealed that the Disney Cruise line will increase to 30 arrivals by 2021.

“Disney announced that by 2021, the company will bring one of its best ships to Mazatlan, that is good news considering that Disney represents one of the most important companies in the cruise industry, and this is very important for Mazatlan,” the municipal president of Concordia said.

By 2021 Mazatlan will host the FCCA Platinum convention, which has the participation of 85% of all shipping companies in the world.

The Mazatlan Post