Illegal fireworks seized in downtown Mazatlan


MAZATLÁN._ Four kilos of illegal pyrotechnics were confiscated on Wednesday Nov. 13 in downtown Mazatlan, as a result of an operation carried out by the Municipal Civil Protection Coordination and the Sub-Directorate of Commerce, of the Mayor’s Office of the City Council.

Personnel of these units supervised the shops located on the streets Aquiles Serdán and Teniente Azueta, to detect the points of sale of fireworks and proceed to confiscate items that are considered dangerous for the citizenship, explained the Chief of Inspection and Regulations of the Coordination of Civil Protection, Jehován Otoniel Rivera Delgado.

“These inspections are carried out on the instructions of Municipal President, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to prevent people from getting hurt by the improper use of pyrotechnics. Some shops were detected and we mainly seized potentially dangerous explosive items, ”he said, according to a newsletter released by the agency.

The Deputy Director of Commerce, Rafael Vinicio Parra Alanís, said that the City Council does not grant permits for the sale of pyrotechnics and that in the case of this seizure, the illegal fireworks were found in the possesion of street vendors.

He mentioned that these operations will be carried out constantly in all the commercial areas of the city, to avoid situations of risk for the citizens due to the improper storage or handling of pyrotechnics.

“A fine was imposed for not having permit. The inspections will be carried out in different areas of the city, and citizen participation is important, ” said the deputy director of commerce.

The Mazatlan Post