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Dollar-Peso price in Mexico today, November 13, 2019

Check the exchange rate and the price of the dollar in Mexican pesos for today, Wednesday, November 13, 2019, in the main banks of Mexico.

The price of the dollar in Mexico is today, Wednesday, November 13, 2019, at 19.42 pesos. The average exchange rate of the US currency in the market is 18.89 pesos for purchase and 19.71 pesos for sale.

In exchange offices located at the Benito Juárez International Airport in Mexico City, the dollar is sold at a maximum of 19.80 pesos and is acquired at a minimum of 18.79 pesos.

While in the Government banks, such as the Tax Administration Service (SAT), the price of the dollar is 19.22 for purchase and sale, and in the Official Gazette of the Federation the exchange rate is 19.22 for both purchase and sale. Also, in the Bank of Mexico, the dollar is 19.34 for purchase and sale.

Dollar price purchase and sale in windows in banks of Mexico

Banamex buy at 18.89 and sell at 19.76

Santander buys in 18.35 and sale in 20.16

HSBC Mexico buys in 18.66 and sale in 19.34

Scotiabank buys in 19.06 and sale in 19.81

BBVA Bancomer buys in 18.63 and sale in 19.84

Banco Azteca buys in 17.80 and sale in 19.09

Inbursa buys at 19.00 and sells at 19.55

Banorte buys in 18.20 and sale in 19.60

The dollar in credit cards in Mexico

American Express buy at 18.99 and sell at 19.92

VISA buys in 19.01 and sale in 19.91

MasterCard buys at 19.00 and sale at 19.91

Exchange rate from USD dollars to Mexican pesos MXN

1 USD19.42 Mexican pesos
5 USD97.09 Mexican pesos
10 USD194.19 Mexican pesos
50 USD970.94 Mexican pesos
100 USD1941.87 Mexican pesos
500 USD9709.38 Mexican pesos
1000 USD19 419.00 Mexican pesos
5000 USD97 094.00 Mexican pesos
USD 10,000194 188.00 Mexican pesos
50,000 units970 937.00 Mexican pesos

Exchange rate of Mexican pesos MXN to USD dollars

1 Mexican peso$ 0.05
5 Mexican pesos$ 0.26
10 Mexican pesos$ 0.51
50 Mexican pesos$ 2.57
100 Mexican pesos$ 5.15
500 Mexican pesos$ 25.75
1000 Mexican pesos$ 51.50
5000 Mexican pesos$ 257.48
10,000 Mexican pesos$ 514.97
50,000 Mexican pesos$ 2574.83

What is the Mexican economy like?

The Mexican economy is the 13th economy in the world in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and the second in Latin America. It is a mostly export-oriented economy. Mexico is part of NAFTA with the United States and Canada, and also a member of the WTO.

How did the dollar close in Mexico yesterday?

The price of the dollar in Mexico closed yesterday, Tuesday, November 12, 2019, at 19.32 Mexican pesos. The average exchange rate of the US currency in the market was 18.77 pesos for purchase and 19.61 pesos for sale.

What is a US dollar?

The official currency of the United States is the US dollar. Its code is ISO 4217 in the USD and, after the gold standard broke in 1971, this currency became fiat.

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