New parking lot under construction at Mazatlan’s Malecón


Mazatlan, Sin.- In the absence of parking lots along the Mazatlan Malecon, due to the remodeling of Del Mar Avenue, Mayor Guillermo Benítez Torres, announced that he began the construction of a new one, in a plot located in front of the Mazatlan Aquarium.

He considered that before the end of this year, parking for 400 vehicles will be available for people who go to the Malecon or the businesses or hotels of Avenida del Mar.

He also announced that he will fulfill the promise he made during his campaign of the operation of a bus route that will run along Del Mar Avenue, will reach the Teodoro Mariscal stadium and possibly the Administrative Unit.

“We started the construction of the parking lot that is located in front of the aquarium, in about two months it will be finished, and a public transportation service will start operating on Avenida del Mar as well ” explained “El Químico“.

Benítez Torres, added that the parking lot on Bahia Street, which is located behind the Camarón lagoon, is insufficient and not preactical for people who want to visit the Malecon.

The Mazatlan Post