Two turtles found dead on Mazatlan beaches


One turned up in the North Beach area and another on a Golden Zone beach, right in front of a well-known hotel.

Mzatlán, Sinaloa (Nov. 4th) .- The finding of two dead tortoises in different areas of the Mazatlan coast, alerted local authorities and citizens of this port.

Visitors and mazatlecos who exercise during the morning, jogging along the beach, found the bodies of the two dead chelonians.

One of them was found in the North Beach area, and the other in the area of a well-known hotel, in the Golden Zone, according to staff of the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

With these two specimens, more than five dead sea turtles have been found on the shores of Mazatlan so far this year.

The turtles’ remains were properly disposed and buried by personnel of the City council of Mazatlán and the Profepa. Auhotities did not reveal the cause of death.

The Mazatlan Post