They evict about 40 families from homes in Mazatlan and 1 daycare facility


Mazatlan, Sin.- By order of a civil judge this morning and with the support of elements of the Secretariat of Municipal Public Security and the National Guard, actuaries proceeded unexpectedly to evict homes inhabited by alleged invaders or debtors to a real estate agency.

According to what is known, some of those affected were still asleep, when actuaries of the State Judicial Power arrived at Avenida del Sol in the San Fernando subdivision to evict more than 40 inhabitants.

It was reported that a house that was used as a nursery was also evicted.

The eviction order was issued by Judge III of the Civil, located in Culiacán.

The report indicates that it was at 8:00 a.m. when a large number of actuaries arrived in the company in the company of elements of the Municipal Police and the National Guard.

The neighbors indicate that there were only negotiations with the real estate, but they were asking for payments that were impossible to cover.

Source: rasnoticias, sel

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