Felipe and Javier, the first gay couple that manages to adopt in Mexico


After 7 years of waiting, Felipe and Javier managed to adopt a girl named Alejandra in Mexico City

After Mexico City approved the same-sex marriage in 2010, Mexican actor Felipe Nájera and his partner, theater producer Jaime Morales, decided to marry, and the desire to start a family and have children came along.

Some years after their marriage, the couple decided to adopt a child, but as expected, it was not easy, because they underwent thorough controls and tests by the Center for Temporary Stay for Children of the District Attorney General’s Office Federal (PGJDF).

Although Felipe and Javier met who would become their daughter when she was barely 4 months old, it was after 7 years that the couple was considered fit to adopt little Alejandra.

During an interview for the newspaper La Opinión de Bolivia, the new parents commented that adopting was “winning a battle”, however it was the complement they needed to consolidate as a true family.

“For us, Alejandra is not a trophy, nor a flag. With what morals do they say we have pets instead of children, with what morals do they sentence that children adopted by gay or lesbian families become objects? It is they who promote hate speech, ”they said in the interview.

Despite what society may think, the couple cares about the girl’s well-being as any conventional family would. But they do not tolerate the disrespect that people may have against the LGBT community. 

“As activists, we cannot remain silent in the presence of clergy intolerance towards our community. We seek to respect the way we have chosen to be family. ”
Finally, the couple took the opportunity to reflect on the concepts that some people still have about gay couples.

Source: diario cambio

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