Morena deputies ask to modify Constitution to re-elect AMLO


The deputy of Morena in Tabasco, Charlie Valentino León Flores, asked to modify Constitutional Article 83 so that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is reelected in office.

“We cannot jeopardize the well-being that has already arrived, that is why I absolutely ask all the courts of all the Chambers to remove article 83 of the Political Constitution of Mexico, which is the legendary article so that in this way ‘Effective suffrage, yes reelection ‘because we want Andrés Manuel López Obrador six more years in the Presidency, “he said from the local Congress rostrum.

“This is a requirement on the part of the Mexican people, but if you don’t want to take it as a requirement, take it as a plea from part of the story.”

Article 83 establishes that the President of Mexico will last for six years.

“The citizen who has held the position of President of the Republic, elected popularly, or as an interim or substitute, or provisionally assumes the title of the Federal Executive, in no case and for no reason may he return to that position”, indicated.

Last July, López Obrador signed before a notary public his commitment not to be re-elected in office.

The federal president did so after INAI ordered the Presidency to deliver a certified copy of said document, which López Obrador initially signed on March 19.

Source: reforma

The Mazatlan Post