60% of Los Cabos hotels have water treatment and desalination plants


Members of the Los Cabos Hotel Association that have these facilities consume what they produce

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur (BCS) . Around 60% of the tourist developments of the Los Cabos Hotel Association have their own treatment and desalination plant, said the executive president, Lizli Orcí Fregoso . 

“Approximately 60% of the partner hotels have their own desalination plant or treatment plants, which they themselves produce the water they consume and the new developments that are to come, they are also under construction, knowing the problem we have in the destination with the water ”, he declared. 

In that sense, he assured that the water that one consumes is these hotels in the tourist destination of Los Cabos is produced by in its facilities; while, the golf courses are watered and maintained with treated waters. 

“What a hotel consumes is produced by […] the golf courses are all (irrigated) with treated water whether they have the same plant in development or that they buy them but it is pure treated water, it is not potable, that this too they serve as fertilizer to keep the pace in good condition and in this climate that needs a lot of maintenance, ”concluded Orcí Fregoso

Source: bcsnoticias

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