Four Mexican videogames you probably didn’t know about


Although the videogame industry is rapidly growing and diversifying all over the world, generating more money than music and lm together, in Mexico it’s still falling a little behind, with a few small indie developers and a couple of major projects available on several platforms.

Culture Center, Héctor Guerrero, pointed out that a great limitation is the high costs of creating a video game. Even if you were to hire only the most necessary employees (designer, musician, and programmer), the cost would be no less than 75,000 pesos

He acknowledged that Mexican independent developers are at the same level or better than those of the United States in terms of programming, however, he added that there are certain deciencies in the creation of game narratives.

However, today we bring you a list of some of the most popular Mexican videogames available for purchase, some of which have gained international recognition:

Viva Sancho Villa: If you’re looking for a videogame that revolves around Mexican history, this is the one. Developed by 2D Nutz, Viva Sancho Villa is a runner game that caricatures the Mexican revolution and the day of the dead, available for iOS and Android

MilitAnt: One of the most intricate and aesthetically appealing games on the list. This is an action shooter inspired in old arcade titles from the 80s and 90s where you take control of an army ant. It was developed by Xibalba Studios, and is now available on Steam and PS4.

Taco Master: Perhaps a classic Mexican stereotype, this game was launched in 2011 and has been a success ever since. Developed by Kaxan Games, Taco Master is a game where you take on the role of a “taquero” (taco maker), choosing and placing ingredients on tortillas to hand them out to customers as they come to your taco place. It is available for Android, completely free of cost.

Mulaka: This is perhaps the most prestigious Mexican videogame to date. Developed by Lienzo, this adventure game takes you through northern Mexico’s breathtaking landscapes, exploring the Tarahumara indigenous culture. It was ranked “Best Switch Game of 2018,” “Most Discussed Switch Game of 2018,” and “Most Shared Switch Game of 2018.” It is available for purchase on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC

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