There could be more private rooms for vacation rentals than hotel rooms in Mazatlan


The rent of houses or apartments for lodging is so fashionable in the port and the demand for hotel rooms does not meet the needs of tourism

In Mazatlan, there are more and more condominium and apartment towers and with the popularization of lodging platforms, such as Airbnb, Booking, and TripAdvisor, the rent trend of these spaces has been increasing.

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Las Gavias Grand

For this reason, the president of the Commission of Hotels and Motels of Concanaco Servitur, Guillermo Romero Rodríguez, estimated that at some point the offer of the number of house spaces – room available for accommodation, is greater than the number of hotel rooms that exist in Mazatlan.

“Mazatlan is very attractive because it is becoming a lot of condominium tower; There are many people who have their tower, their apartment, and occupy it on certain dates of the year, so the rest of the year they can rent it … and, of course, they can exceed the number of hotel rooms, the theme of Airbnb and these applications, it can be exceeded, ”he argued.

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Boca del Cielo

The representative of the hotel sector said he did not know the amount of these houses and apartments offered in the port, so he called on the authorities to regulate this situation, as it could be considered unfair competition.

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Ferrara Pacific

“The data is not well determined but there are many, now anyone can rent their house on the platform, I do not have them accounted for, but I can already tell you about thousands, really what we do not have room (hotel) today is complements with the houses, the departments, in fact already many of the residential towers work with the Airbnb ”, he cited.

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