Sinaloa Governor inaugurates new avenue north of Mazatlan


Atlantic Avenue, in the area near La Marina, which will give greater fluidity to this sector.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel gave the starting signal for a strategic work for the vehicle mobility of Mazatlan, such as the paving with hydraulic concrete of the Atlantic avenue, which will transform the circulation in the northern sector of the city where there are several private schools and where it is common to generate traffic chaos at the time of class departure.

The municipal president of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, received the state president to start this work, which he acknowledged was one of his own campaign commitments as mayor, and that when made with resources entirely from the State Government, It takes a great weight off of it.

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“This road is so important that we had it contemplated in the Municipal Development Plan, that’s why I congratulate and congratulate the Mazatlecos because this route will help solve many road problems, especially the risk of mothers’ cars that they take their children to schools; I congratulate you Governor, how good you undertake this work, realize that you took a weight off me, ”acknowledged the “ Chemist ” Mayor of Mazatlan.

For his part, Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel said that this road was a work that had been wanted to be done for 15 years, but did not materialize due to disagreement with Ferromex, which required the construction of an overpass bridge over the train tracks, which significantly raised the cost.

“They wanted a bridge to be built but that costs 100 million pesos and where we were going to take them out, that’s why the president and I talked a lot, because it is a strategic work of great mobility, it will transform all the circulation in this area, and all the security measures will be put in place (at the crossroads) but I do want to thank Ferromex very much for the contribution to the development of Mazatlan, ”he acknowledged.

Ordaz Coppel added that this new road will open a whole new development path designed in the present and future of Mazatlan, and this is the result of teamwork with the municipal president Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, where many more works will continue so that the economic growth. The section to be paved is located between Av. El Delfín and Av. Oscar Pérez Escobosa.

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Also present as witnesses of honor in this banner of the start of work, several businessmen of the port, such as Eduvigildo Carranza and Guillermo Romero, among others.

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Similarly, the Secretary of Public Works, Osbaldo López Angulo; the secretary of Tourism, Oscar Pérez Barros; and the Secretary of Social Development, Ricardo Madrid Pérez.

Job description:

This section of the Blvd., consists of 2 bodies separated by a ridge of variable width and will be built with a road width of 7.0 m. each.

The left body will have a length of 397 m. and the right body of 466 m.

A storm drain will be built at the crossroads with 4 tubes of 4.50 m. in diameter, which will have to be placed by a driving process and will have 5 sewers for longitudinal drainage.

In addition to the end of this section of Blvd. 2 rain grids will be built.

The pavement structure consists of: 20 cm hydraulic concrete slab. thick, crushed base 20 cm. thick and sub-flush of 20 cm. of thickness.

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