Jail and fines to employers that force you to sign early resignations


A reform to Article 406 of the Criminal Code was approved for this

Saltillo Coahuila. – In Coahuila there will be jail and fine for those who force their workers to sign their resignation in advance, said Deputy Claudia Ramírez Pineda, commenting that in Congress a reform to Article 406 of the Criminal Code was approved.

She said that now, in the state you can punish in an exemplary way this practice, described as abusive, which had become something normal among some employers.

She commented that the sanctions range from three to six years in prison and from one hundred to one thousand days fine, in the case of public documents, and from six months to three years in prison and from fifty to five hundred days fine, when they are private documents, for those who oblige to sign a blank letter or document, which implies the waiver of the worker’s rights.

“The one that forces the workers to sign blank documents, or of any other type that imply waiver of their rights, or imposes obligations on it, in order to undermine or cancel them, whether the worker works in a company or institution public or private ”, commented that this was established in the newly reformed article.

Thus, she said, regarding strategies and practices of some employers who force their workers to sign the early resignation will be eliminated.

Economic dependence and labor subordination leave the worker in a vulnerable situation and that is why these arbitrarinesses are committed, he added.

She referred to cases where the employer obliges its workers to sign blank documents, where they later write the waiver of their labor rights and all their benefits.

For example, she added, they apply some workplace harassment, to force them to resign and thus avoid paying compensation.