Mexican travelers now have access to the Emirates Connection


Emirates, the world famous airline launched a shared code with the US airline JetBlue, which will allow Mexican travelers to connect with flights of this air carrier in other international destinations.

From now on, customers can book tickets with both Emirates and JetBlue, to travel from Mexico City (MEX) to any destination in the Emirates network via New York (JFK) or Boston (BOS).

Emirates flights operated by JetBlue are:

EK 6524 Mexico City (15:55) – New York (22:34) and EK 6523 New York (10:16) – Mexico City (14:25).

As well as EK 6532 Mexico City (14:20) – Boston (21:12) and EK 6531 Boston (08:51) – Mexico City (13:15).

When buying their ticket, customers have the option of making a stopover both in the United States and in Dubai, for only $ 100 US dollars extra.

With these actions, Emirates reaffirms its commitment to continue offering the best connections and services to all their clients and partners in Mexico.

Emirates also announced its new recruitment dates for cabin crew in Mexico.

Applicants can check details on this link: Emirates Group Careers

New Special Class

On June 10th, the airline launched its new Special rate for Business Class, on certain routes.

It should be noted that Emirates offers more alternatives and flexibility to passengers, depending on their travel needs.

Access to the VIP lounge is not included but there is a purchase option, there will be a restriction on the selection of courtesy seats until Check-in (48 hours before the departure of the flight).

And first class ascent with miles will not be allowed.

However, customers who opt for this Emirates fare will continue to enjoy the services and products awarded on board, a generous amount of luggage allowed and priority boarding at their convenience.

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