Sinaloa: Free passage of the Cuatro Caminos toll booth


Protesters from UNTA, Coduc and Afac since they arrived at the facilities left the vehicles without charge

Guasave, Sinaloa.- Punctual to the warning they made to join the national demonstration of the agricultural sector, members of UNTA and its subsidiaries made their way through the collection booth in Cuatro Caminos, in Guasave.

Elia Amador Tamayo, state leader of the Coduc was accompanied by just under 100 people from 8:00 on Thursday to make effective the protest with which they join the manifestation of rejection of the policies that the federal government has used with the sector

It should be noted that in the case of these organizations they have warned that they would be blocking vehicular traffic on the Mexico 15 International Highway in the next few hours, so drivers must be vigilant.

Sinaloenses producers and fishermen join the national demonstration

They remain in a permanent demonstration until they obtain a response to the demands presented to the Government of the Republic

Agricultural producers and fishermen remain in a permanent demonstration in Sinaloa.

This morning they initiated actions with the taking of booths and planting in offices of fishing and agriculture in the state.

A few days ago they announced that Sinaloa would be taken completely until their demands for resources were met by the authorities.

On the morning of Thursday, the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that the mobilization is respected, but speaking “clearly”, he said that the disagreement is because they will no longer give funds to organizations and oppose them.

“They think that with the protest we will go backward. This is a decision we have made. All support goes directly to the peasants, not to the organizations, not to intermediaries, ”he said.

AMLO criticizes mobilizations of farmers and fishermen

Mexico City and various agencies were taken today by agricultural and fishery producers who, among other demands, demand:

-Low in diesel prices

-Solutions to permit procedures

– Surveillance that causes the depredation of species.

– Certainty and better conditions for sea and field workers.

-Among others.

In Sinaloa, the offices of the Sader in Culiacán and Conapesca in Mazatlan were taken by producers from an early hour.

In Guasave the producers also took the Cuatro Caminos booth and gave free passage to motorists, and it is not ruled out that the same thing also happens in Ahome, in San Miguel, Zapotitlán.

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