Rains in Mazatlan overflow streams and canals flood many areas


From 2:20 am to 5:30 am in the morning the rainfall accumulated 62.5 mm of water

Mazatlan, Sin.- For three hours the copious rain that fell on Mazatlan, generated the rising of a stream, shortly before reaching the Quelite, so they decided to close the international road to the north, at the kilometer 28, according to state Civil Protection data south zone.

Based on the information obtained by this wording, reports of vehicles stranded with people inside the area of ​​the Camarón Sábalo, Cruz Lizárraga and Sábalo Cerritos avenues were attended, in addition they provided attention to tourist workers to reach their work centers and hotels in the golden zone of the port of Mazatlan.

The report indicates that they also made tours of the main streams and canals with an average level of 60-75% of their capacity, there is even attention to the report and the fall of a tree on public roads is channeled to the Parks and Gardens department. Paseo del Atlántico avenue in the La Marina Mazatlán

There are also reports that this morning, on the municipality of Rosario there has been constant rain, but without reports, at the moment everything without news.

Source: linea directa

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