Children getting lost on Mazatlan beaches


Capta asks you to teach your child in case he gets lost, what to do and who to turn to

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Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Up to 60 registrations per week for lost minors are treated at the Tourist Assistance and Protection Center (CAPTA) in Mazatlan, this summer vacation period, which means an alarming figure, said Maria Astrid Macías Fregoso.

The ages range from 5 to 13 years, emphasized the director of Capta, and have been stronger during the last days, and mainly on weekends when the port has a greater influx of visitors.

“In the day about four to five children were lost, but that adds up to 50, 60 children a week”

She said that the location of the minors largely corresponds to the work of the elements of the Aquatic Squadron, who locate the infants and are returned safe and sound to their parents since the area of ​​the registry of lost children occurs at the beach area.

“Well, it is definitely an oversight that many times one is enjoying the family, you are enjoying the moment, and suddenly you do not realize that the little ones are not there, and the children are very curious, they do not think, ah I walked away a lot, especially on the beaches that there are so many people. ”

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The municipal official recommended to the parents to instruct their children also, in case of getting lost how to proceed, who to go to and especially to have a location number, where the authorities can sometimes expedite the reunion and avoid the anguish in the family and bitter a moment of your summer vacation.

“Teach the little ones to know what to do in case they go astray how to learn the number of the mother, of the father, so that they know how to act, and not only from the authority, but also from strangers “.

Astrid Macías pointed out that it is important that everyone join forces and does not generate a fright during this summer vacation period, especially when children are taken to the beach.

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