Sinaloa avocado prices lower to 80 pesos a kilo, but still expensive


Although citizens complain, families continue to consume it, they say

Culiacán, Sinaloa (Informative Reaction) .- Although a few weeks ago the price of avocado was close to 100 pesos per kilogram in the Garmendia Market, the price of this fruit has already dropped to 80 pesos, however, it is still very expensive.

And although the avocado is still offered at a high price, citizens do not stop buying it, however, there are those who say that consuming it has become a luxury.

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On the other hand, the tenant Carlos Omar, mentioned that although people complain about the price on a daily basis, he continues to sell it just as when he was at 40 pesos a kilogram.

“Yes, people complain a lot, they complained more when I was 100, now they have gotten used to it and the truth is that if I keep selling it,” he said.

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