Mazatlan: hottest summer destination in 2019!


As we all know, for the second consecutive year the World Travel Awards recognized Mazatlan as the best destination in all of Mexico and Central America. Its cuisine, weather, beach and night time, were some of the attributes that thousands of experts rewarded in this Latin American edition.

Also this year, two important awards have been granted to “La Perla del Pacífico“: “Leading Tourism City” and “Leading Tourism Council” in Mexico and all of Central America.

The ceremony took place on July 15 of this year in the city of La Paz, Bolivia. And the title was awarded by a select group of prominent members and executives of the World Travel and Tourism Council.

Mazatlan popularity this year is well above other destinations such as Mexico City, Acapulco, Cancun, Riviera Maya, Costa Rica and Panama (just to name a few). Emphasizing the international preference that experts have for Sinaloa.

Mazatlan is currently synonymous with culture and fun. Its tourist offer and delicious cuisine position it as a place worth visiting.

The destination combines sun and beach along with the architectural heritage that abounds in every corner of the city. Its baroque arhitecture in combination with its glorious sunsets, highlight its unique beauty among all of Mexico beach destinations.

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