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Is your Sinaloa real estate investment safe?

To clear up the confusion that exists around the new Domain Extinction Law, leaders and representatives of the Sinaloa Bar Association said it is not anti-constitutional or violating or will affect anyone’s rights, but otherwise, will protect and support The citizens of good.

The president of the FAS, Julio Sergio Alvarado Andrade, said that the new law does not affect society.

“We have analyzed the law and do not warn that the phenomenon of affectation will happen. The law enters into force 180 days after its promulgation will adequately regulate in which cases the assets that are the product of crime and corruption must be expropriated or insured ”.

He said that this law was created to reduce the economic power of organized crime, with this new law, finally, it is ensured that organized crime does not have that economic power.

In his speech, the lawyer and vice president of the Bar Association, Julio Sergio Alvarado Andrade, explained how the law will act.

“In Article 11 it mentions that in the application of the present law the rights recognized in the Constitution and in the international treaties inherent to its nature will be guaranteed, that is to say if a person rented a property and if an illicit is committed inside, before it was confiscated, now with this new law there is the possibility of not losing it, ”he explained.

It was recommended to be very careful to rent a property, and as a primary step you must have a document attesting that the owner was not a participant of the wrongful, but only the owner.

It was exemplified with crimes such as kidnapping, huachicoleo, trafficking in persons, etc. Therefore, the person who is going to rent a house or land property must stipulate or insert a contract clause that says the following:

“For its part, the lessor disclaims any responsibility in the event that the real estate is destined for other purposes has not been specified in the contract, in case an eventuality such as drugs or white trafficking occurs, in end any crime of which with that clause the landlord is exempt from any responsibility with a contract written in those terms, which is presented before the authority and this one forced not to insure the goods ”.

The lawyers reported that the Sinaloa Bar Association provides free legal advice to people who need it and puts their experience and knowledge at their full disposal.

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