Zacatecas: Homosexuals don’t need rights, just tolerance


ZACATECAS, ZAC.- With a pronouncement against civil marriage between people of the same sex, this Tuesday the Interreligious Council of the State of Zacatecas (CIEZ) was presented with members of the Catholic, Mormon and Christian church in various denominations. 

The council was formed on June 28, 2018, by a call of the National Consciousness Foundation for Religious Freedom to join the other 29 existing in the country. Its objectives are “to defend religious freedom, to defend the family, to defend marriage in the original design of God and to defend human rights and our children,” according to its president and pastor of the Christian church God with Us, Dery Herrera. 

However, at a press conference the representative of the Reformed Christian Church, Juan José Martínez, said that those who have a “sexual attraction” different from that between men and women, “need respect and tolerance but not rights.” At the same time, he assured that there is no discrimination on the part of the council. 

The religious representative added that people’s sexual preferences should not motivate an “imposition of the state” to “say that it is already normal”, in reference to the approval of equal marriage that so far continues in the freezer of the 63 Local Legislature. 

For this reason, they announced that they could soon approach legislators to present their position, although they said they respect the secular state. Finally, they assured that CIEZ is open to all religious expressions that share their same values ​​and want to join it. 

Complain with the Conapred

On the same day, the Mexican Coalition LGBTTTIQ + reported that it filed a complaint with the National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred) for the “evidently homophobic expressions declared before the media” by religious representatives in the state. 

Through a statement, they indicated that the concepts used “transgress the progressive rights achieved by the LGBT community in the country and encourage hatred and segregation towards these populations in a state where equal marriage is still not approved and whose family regulations and civil is unconstitutional in the matter. ” 

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