Canada offers 400 job vacancies to Mexican professionals


In its ninth edition, the Québec International “Recruitment Mission by Internet” initiative offers  400 vacancies in 21 companies for different profiles of Mexican talent. Job opportunities are for work in Canada for up to three years, depending on the type of position.

“All of our initiatives have the support of the Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and the inclusion of the government of the province of Québec. The employment conditions are exactly the same as those enjoyed by Canadian workers, that is by law, ”explains Sara Tapia, director of International Mobility at Québec International.

The systems, computer, and manufacturing sectors offer the most job opportunities . Unlike previous editions, this recruitment mission highlights the areas of health (auxiliary nurses) and video games (special effects artists) with open positions.

Many of these positions are available at the  National Employment Service (SNE)  of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) thanks to the alliance with the agency, as well as the Québec International portal. Applications are open until August 11  and selected Mexicans will work in Québec.

Canada’s private initiative has a lot of interest in the Mexican workforce for its qualities, says Tapia. “Mexicans stand out as great workers, high-level professionals who have excellent educational training and who also have very interesting human qualities. Its adaptability is outstanding, ”he adds.

The Québec International executive is confident that the number of Mexican candidates will increase this year, since in the last edition, of the more than 30,000 applications received, only 300 were from Mexico.

“We believe that  Mexicans have everything it takes to come to work , to fulfill their dreams of having a foreign professional experience, of giving their families a great quality of life. They just need to take the step, put the batteries, to study French so that they stand out in their interview and they do very well and can be selected, ”he says in an interview.

Sara Tapia details that in the last 3 years hired people have decided to develop professionally and stay in the country. “They feel very satisfied with the employment conditions they have and the professional possibilities offered by their work.”

The entire application process is free and those selected receive the support of the employer for their immigration procedures.

Scholarships for postgraduate

Tapia says that for the first time the online recruitment mission offers grants of 15,000 to 40,000 Canadian dollars annually to study a postgraduate or specialty at Laval University and the University of Québec at Rimouski.

This support is for studies in health (Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry) and environmental sciences Oceanography, Geography, Environment). The Director of International Mobility of Québec International emphasizes that the government of that province has an agreement with that of Mexico to reduce the number of tuition fees, therefore, the scholarship is enough to cover this payment and much of the support.

In addition, in Québec, the student visa allows working 20 hours a week.

These are part of the vacancies offered: *

Market StallSalaryLink
Java developer$ 115,000 per monthApply
Technical Artist$ 85,225 per monthApply
Industrial Computer Engineer$ 69,200 per monthApply
Heavy Vehicle Mechanic$ 52,800 per monthApply
Chef$ 48,000 per monthApply
Nursing Assistant$ 46,900 per monthApply
Web Graphic Designer$ 45,000 per monthApply
Video game programmer$ 43,000 per monthApply
Manufacturing Operator$ 41,500 monthlyApply
Digital Machinist$ 34,000 per monthApply

Requirements and process

Some of the requirements to occupy these positions are English and French language proficiency, minimum one year experience in similar employment positions and proof of studies; however, the latter depends on the specific needs of each of the vacancies.

After applying for the vacancies,  the SNE will be in charge of the preselection of the candidates and will verify the work experience, academic and the level of language that the vacancy requires.

Once this process has been exhausted, the shortlisted candidates run for the employer, who will make the final decision of which candidates they are interested in hiring.

From September  19 to 20 of this year, the staff requesting companies will conduct the selection interviews in French, through a video call.

Mexico has made other labor alliances with Canada, since from January to June 2019,  the SNE has placed 325 people, who have been employed in processing plants, in construction and kitchens, among others.

Source: Employment Portal of the National Employment Service and Québec International

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