Farmers of Samalayuca Without a market, and tons of zucchini available


Farmers of Samalayuca have come to throw the product away; they plan direct sales in parks of Ciudad Juárez

One of the main problems that the producers of Samalayuca are currently facing is the lack of placement of zucchini and other vegetables in the market, so they begin to explore other ways to market their harvest, according to the town’s sectional president, Javier Meléndez. 

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According to the statements of Meléndez, during the first months of harvest, in the absence of places to place production and the high costs for packaging, some farmers chose to cut it and practically “throw it” to avoid putting it into the selection process. 
“We are talking about 20 tons of zucchini and right now we do have a large production of this product and others are coming out like cucumber, red and green tomato, but there is no place to put them,” he said.

The sectional president of Samalayuca commented that previously buyers from the state of Sonora had come, something that has not happened so far this season. He also reported that the main destinations of production are the city of Chihuahua, Juarez and even El Paso, Texas. 

“The recommendation is always to find the way to place the product in different parts of the state and the country, the truth is that support has not materialized to get contracts and sell the product in advance before we have it,” said. 

On the other hand, it is expected that in early August Samalayuca producers visit Ciudad Juarez to hold fairs in public places to market their products.

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Meléndez assured that they do not yet have a definite date for his visit to the border, however, he commented that one of the first points to be installed would be the Plaza de San Lorenzo, where they have obtained good results before. 

The visit to the border would take place before the Vegetable Fair that will take place from August 16 to 18 in the town of Samalayuca, to which they invite the citizens to attend and purchase the products of the field. 

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