Sinaloan finishes grade school at 77 Years Of Age, With An Average Of 9.4


At age 77, Mr. José Ramón Angulo López obtained his elementary certificate with an average of 9.4. It is a clear example that it is never too late to study.

The inhabitant of La Ciénega de Casal is an example of overcoming. And is that by chance fates his parents could not provide basic education, and so passed his life, unable to read or write for more than seven decades. That is why it sends a message to all the people who have not yet finished this school level, to be encouraged and to feel like it. Because if he could, why are not others going to be able? “He says.

He tells that in his childhood he only finished until the third grade; “Before the dads gave us until the third grade, and I had no choice but to dedicate myself to the work of the field.”

Each day was a challenge overcome for the student. It was not as difficult as he thought to study primary school, the key was the commitment. Every time he went to his classes he tried hard to complete each of the tasks because his enthusiasm motivated him to keep going. And is that in the absence of a study, the father had to work very hard from sunrise to sunset in the field. There was no way to get by without papers. With the sweat of his forehead, he brought his family forward and was able to give the studies to his three children, because he did not want his story to repeat itself. “The only thing that one inherits is education,” says the septuagenarian.

The literacy program of the Sinaloa Institute for Adult Education (ISEA) is an opportunity for those who still do not know how to read or write or who have not finished their studies.

Primary school and high school. Like Mr. José Ramón Angulo, you can stop being part of the one thousand 605 people in Salvador Alvarado who can not read or write and can get your certificate to continue to improve.

Source: pueblaenlinea, el debate

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