Sabalo-Centro, the public bus of the tourist zone in Mazatlan


In the golden zone, along the Malecon, in the historic center and very close to the lighthouse there passes an urban truck called Sábalo-Centro, which connects a large part of beaches, tourist sites, places of interest and the vast majority of the hotels in the port.

These busses are green, have air conditioning and spend approximately 10 or 15 minutes and your route goes from Punta Cerritos to Paseo Centenario.

Climb on this bus route costs 11 pesos and you can get up in the golden area at the designated stops and on the Malecon stops at official stops or almost anywhere so you do not get so much sun.

Places you can visit along this route

As we already mentioned, this route is long and connects places that if you are visiting Mazatlan you may be interested to know. These are some of these places.

Mazatlan Lighthouse ” EL FARO”

The Mazatlán lighthouse on the crestón hilltop is a short distance from where this route begins (or ends). At the top is the 157-meter high glass vantage point with a great view of the city.

Embarcadero Stone Island, “Isla de la Piedra” la puntilla and the ferry terminal

If you want to cross over to Stone Island the crossing is between the la puntilla and the terminal of the ferries, in the tourist pier La Puntilla is the restaurant of the same name, in addition to other places where they sell coconuts and oysters.

The ferry terminal is where the ferry that connects Mazatlan with the city of La Paz in Baja California Sur leaves and if you are lucky you can see it leaving or entering the port

Three islands brewery ” Cervecería tres islas “

If you want to taste the craft beer that is sold in Mazatlan, this route also takes you, because it passes in front of the Cervecería Tres Islas in the av. Miguel Alemán almost corner with Emilio Barragán

Coco smoothies

On one occasion we mentioned in this blog about coc liqucados or that are on Av. Alemán you can also get to the place on this bus route

Historical Center.

The historic center of Mazatlan is already part of the places you can not miss when you visit Mazatlan. You can get off at the Pino Suarez market, walk to the cathedral, visit the Republic Square, walk to the Machado, take photos in the narrow streets of Mazatlan and get to Olas Altas. Without a doubt, it is worth coming from the golden zone to get to know this picturesque and beautiful part of Mazatlan.

Mercado Pino Suarez

Interior Mercado Pino Suarez

On the street Aquiles Serdán is the market Pino Suarez or Mercado Grande de Mazatlan where you can eat, buy fruits, vegetables, sweets, coffee, ice cream, clothes and souvenirs of Mazatlan.

If you are already close to there, it is always advisable to visit a municipal market to really get to know the city.

The changueras “Shrimp Ladies”

Las Changueras is a place where a dozen women sell fresh shrimp, seafood and fish. It is located on Calle Aquiles Serdán between Alejandro Quijano and Luis Zúñiga streets. You can buy your shrimp and in the surrounding restaurants, they will prepare them to your liking.

Flowers market “Mercado de Flores”

If you come from the Zona Dorada, you will have to pass by the Flores market a little before arriving at the changueras, this place has been operating for many years as a flower vendor and to provide service for the necessary occasions. They are located on the street Aquiles Serdán Esquina with Mexico Street

Martiniano Carvajal Park “Parque Martiniano Carvajal”

In this park, you will find a covered basketball court, one of the 2 signs of Mazatlan, the interactive oasis for children, bathrooms, showers and is surrounded by some cheap restaurants and a barrel ice cream stand.

Monos Bichis

The most known monument of our city is probably the Monos bichis, also known as a fisherman’s monument but whose real name is Marina Allegory where fishermen are presented, the tropic of cancer, the lighthouse all within a large fountain that resembles a big shell

North beach “Playa Norte”

The north beach goes from the bichis monkeys to valentines, which makes it one of the longest beaches in Mazatlan, in this part there is a large portion of the Mazatlan seafront and at one of the ends of the bay that has this beach the waves are so calm that in the morning a swimming club gathers in this place.

Golden Zone “Zona Dorada”

In the golden zone is the part of our port where there are a lot of hotels in the city and this Bus route passes in front of all of them connecting with Cerritos or the historic center depending on which side you take this Bus.

In the Golden Zone, you will find the beaches, Gaviotas beach, the Camaron beach, and the El Sabalo beach, you do not need to stay at the hotels to use the beaches of the golden zone to visit them without fear.

From these beaches you can take to the island of deer in a panga or you can also get on a parachute to see Mazatlan in all its glory.

Marina Mazatlan

Where the golden zone ends, the part that we know as Mazatlan marina begins, where yachts and other boats arrive to make a stopover in the port. There is a very interesting gastronomic corridor and the nightlife of the Marina district (Prive, La consentida and pata Latino) will make you return to Mazatlan  

Playa Brujas y playa Pato Blanco “witches beach and white duck beach”

Going down the second bridge of the Marina you can visit these 2 beaches that have a great extension, the waves are not so calm but it is a good place to sunbathe, relax in front of the sea or talk with your partner or friends.

Parque Acuático Mazagua “Mazagua Water Park”

Where to go in Mazatlan

At Mazagua with its slides, slides, wading pool and wave pool is at the junction of Av. Sábalo Cerritos with the road that leads to the Habal

It is a good option if you do not want to be on the beach and you like tall, fast slides.

Estero del Yugo “Estuary el Yugo” 

This estuary is a nature reserve that has 2 estuary systems, one of saltwater and one of fresh water, has a mountain bike route inside, an observation tower of 9 meters high, an observation hut of birds and a cabin that enters one of the estuaries that is used for some photoshoots.

Cerritos Beach

The Sábalo Centro route ends at the Glorieta before reaching Cerritos, where there is a square where there are several restaurants, souvenir shops, and an Oxxo.

As you can see, this urban truck route in Mazatlan covers a large number of parts of our port, so you already have another option besides Taxis, pneumonia or Uber to move within Mazatlan.

You have used this Bus route or you prefer to pay for a Pulmonia


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