CANCUN, QUINTANA ROO.- Globalia closes its first hotel in Cancun just one year after opening. The company has been trying to boost the sales of its Melody Maker in the Mexican destination to try to raise the level of occupation, which has remained well below expectations, but the strategies that the company has carried out have not been sufficient and has been forced to leave Cancun when the hotel did not meet the expectations of Globalia, published .

The hotel division of the Be Live group is affected by the tourist decline that is taking place in the Latin American market, especially in Mexico, due to issues such as sargassum, insecurity, lack of tourist promotion, vacation rental, social conflict and drug trafficking, a problem that also drags other destinations such as the Dominican Republic.

As a result, the company of the Hidalgo family has had to seal its large hotel project in Mexico by failing to start sales during the first year of its first establishment in Cancun. Globalia tried to revitalize the occupation of the resort with the elaboration of a program of parties that included the greatest of the electronic music world, but even so it was not able to give it the impulse that it expected.

Likewise, the  Melody Maker of Be Live Hotels has had to face a lawsuit for violating copyright. The hotel did not have a license of rights to use movies and television series both in the common areas and in the rooms. The accommodation was denounced by Licenses and Audiovisual Services (LYSA), a company that exercises the copyright of audiovisual producers both national and foreign, and considers that every hotel must have licenses or authorizations to use audiovisual content, as reported by  REPORTUR. mx .

In Spain, the hotel division of the group also suffers the consequences of the Airbnb phenomenon, competition from other Mediterranean destinations such as Turkey, Egypt and North Africa and the weakness of the European economy. However, Be Live, which has 35 hotels located in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and the Caribbean and revenues of 192 million euros, is in the growth phase and alternatives are being explored to give it a greater boost.

“We would like to make it grow significantly in three years’ time. We are working to improve the product, trying to reach a higher rate and grow optimizing costs to have a product that allows you to compete in the American and Canadian market, “said Javier Hidalgo, CEO of Globalia, according to El Confidencial. In this sense, Hidalgo has pointed out that it is important to have a broad offer when negotiating with the tour operators, if not one remains “lame”, he concludes.

Source: reportur, noticaribe

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