Earthquake Shakes Mazatlan


The earthquake occurred at 10:08 at night, 6 kilometers south of the port of Sinaloa

Mazatlan, Sin.- A tremor of 3.8 on the Richter scale shook the Mazatlan people on Thursday night, causing astonishment in some people and even fright in others who felt the movement.

The earthquake occurred at 10:08 pm and its epicenter was located by the National Seismological Service six kilometers south of the Sinaloan port, at latitude 23.18 and longitude -106.42, practically on one side of Cerro del Vigia.

The movement was presented at a depth of 5 kilometers and was perceived in several sectors of the city of Mazatlan.

Personal PC made tours of different areas of the port and found no damage to buildings or people altered, as a result of the earthquake, said Oscar Osuna Tirado.

The coordinator of Civil Protection in southern Sinaloa said that everything so far is quiet in Mazatlan.

Source: linea directa, pmxportal

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