Mexican National Guard has the power to detain illegal migrants says AMLO


The Mexican President affirmed that if there have been excesses by elements of the security corps, the cases will be investigated since the purpose is a greater migratory control with respect to human rights.

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The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, affirmed on Tuesday that the members of the National Guard have the legal power to detain undocumented migrants who transit through the country; nevertheless, he assured that what is sought is that there be greater migratory control.

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“Legally yes. But it is not a legal issue, we are talking about the fact that the law must be applied, that there be control over the migratory flow, but respecting human rights. (…) It is in the Constitution (this power), in the new reform, “he explained.

In the morning conference, when questioned about a photograph in which police officers prevented the passage of a woman and her daughter in the Rio Grande, López Obrador considered that there may have been excesses, “but the instruction they all have is that Human Rights are respected  . “

“(The instruction) It is more than anything to regulate the entrance in the south. If these cases occurred, it is not the instruction they have, it is not doing that work. It is a task that, in any case, corresponds to immigration agents, not the Army, “he said.

He said that the case will be reviewed so that this type of situation does not happen and insisted that it is not the purpose. He added that his administration seeks to fulfill the commitment made with the United States, which consists of better control of those who enter our country and cross into the United States, as well as the commitment to provide options to migrants in their places of origin and in Mexico. .

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