Mazatlan sterilized about 350 dogs and cats over the weekend


MAZATLÁN.- This weekend around 350 dogs and cats were sterilized in the facilities of Cobaes 36, thanks to the coordination between Huellita with Causa and the Municipal Ecology Department.

Brenda González, director of the Private Assistance Institution, explained that the objective of this type of campaign, in which attention is given at a very low cost, is to prevent the overcrowding of dogs and cats in the municipality, which also it helps to reduce animal maltreatment and zoonoses, that is, diseases that are transmitted from animals to people.

He added that Huellita with Causa seeks coordination with the municipal authorities, it is better to sterilize dogs and cats on time, than to try to solve a future problem of overpopulation of this fauna.

“We must remember that a bitch and its offspring in 7 years generate 67 thousand offspring and in the case of cats 420 thousand offspring in 7 years, we always make the indication to both the government and civil society that it would be more beneficial to sterilize to that bitch, that cat or that male, or rescue, attend, rehabilitate, to all that world of dogs and cats in a street situation or in irresponsible hands, of course, the root solution is sterilization. “

He recalled that in Mazatlan there is already an overpopulation of cats in certain areas of the city, which causes the Department of Ecology to constantly receive reports of abandoned cats.

Hence the importance of supporting this type of campaign that unites authorities and civil society organized for the benefit of public health and animals.

Source: pmxportal

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