Bathers who don’t follow lifeguard instructions in Mazatlan will be detained


The commander of the Mazatlan Aquatics Squadron said that paying attention to the lifeguards will prevent deaths like that of the young man from Coahuila

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Do not enter the sea while drunk, avoid rocky areas, look for no flags on the beach indicating danger, and abide by all the recommendations issued by lifeguard and police, recommended Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, commander of the Municipal Aquatic Rescue.

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In the same way, he suggested not to go to the beach after a meal, or to wear heavy clothes, much less at night; since after several warnings, bathers can be stopped, detained and arrested.

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“If persons are detected at the moment, they are warned not to enter the sea, sometimes they say to you:” Yes, will just be in the beach “, but when we least think, the person goes into the sea. And if the person fails to follow instructions, we arrest. It is better that this person go to a holding cell than to lose their life at sea.

The commander hopes that another incident like that of the young man from Coahuila who lost his way in the sea on Friday, for having ignored the attention calls of the lifeguard policemen, after having ingested alcoholic beverages, who was found until the next day 100 meters away.

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“Then there, unfortunately, because we are dedicated to the search of the person, and because until today at 7:00 in the morning, 7:05 or so, I was informed that they had seen someone floating and a witness also confirmed us, then we go and introduce ourselves for him “.

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It is important that both local and foreign citizens abide by these recommendations after Magallanes Romero recognized that the squadron cannot be on the lookout for each of the visitors that arrive in Mazatlan, so he calls on bathers, be prudent.

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