A Maya sues Spain because his last name is LOPEZ and not Cabeza de Jaguar, Lluvia del Inframundo


A Mayan youth, from the town of Huehuetenango, arrived at the embassy of Spain in Guatemala City to leave a lawsuit against the European country.

The young man of Maya descent is tired of his surname being “LOPEZ” and not “Jaguar Head, Rain of the Underworld” because of the Spanish.

He assures that he will win this case and he will be able to enjoy his surname, which by right belongs to him, he also says that he wants everyone to remove their surnames and place us the ones that actually belong to them.

The young man comments that he will not stop until he obtains what he is looking for and that nothing will stop him until we get what we want, we will not give information about the young man since he asked not to reveal his identity since he does not want to make his actions public.

He says that his lawyer assured him that this has already won by right, his ancestors would be proud of him.

Do you think he is correct in taking legal action against a country that colonized Latin America?

Source: europasur.es, trippingguate

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