Mazatlan needs 60 garbage trucks


Forty-two garbage trucks are insufficient for Mazatlan

Mazatlan, Sinaloa .- The director of Municipal Public Services said that with a total of 42 garbage trucks, the port of Mazatlan is not kept clean, since this only covers 90 percent of its total.

Due to these complications, the Department of Public Services will redouble work to keep the city clean by implementing a crew to meet the demand for cleanliness, comply with citizenship and maintain a good image of Mazatlan for tourists visiting the port this holiday season

What is the plan to improve public service? 

There are nine trucks coming and there are still nine more to cover Mazatlan and rural areas.

Although in the coming days the City of Mazatlan will receive the new collection vehicles, Luis Antonio González Olague, director of Municipal Public Services, ensures that they would lack more to cover 100 percent the demand for collection, and thus give a higher performance to the collection of public waste from the city.

“There are 120 routes with three shifts that are covered per day, and if a truck fails or is simply sent to routine maintenance, it is not so easy to cover the route to which it belongs, because the other units are busy making their work in the routes that corresponds to them and there is no reserve, because they also rely on cargo trucks as they turn, “the public official explained.

The warrant

“I urge you that if you see that the truck did not pass, raise your garbage and prevent the animals from breaking the bags and creating chaos with the garbage. And I also invite you to take care of your garbage when you are in the street, put it in a container and do not throw it in the streets, remember that the cleanest city is not the one that cleans the most, if not the one that gets the least dirty “, concluded González Olague. 

It is expected that if we have the 60 trucks that are needed, the public service will improve by covering the 100 percent needed to position Mazatlan in one of the cleanest cities in Mexico, as Queretaro and Aguascalientes are already cataloged. 

Source: el debate

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