Couple Awaits Return Of Daughter, Who Ran Into Trouble In Mexico


A Lakewood couple is holding their breath as they wait until the day they get to see their 34-year-old daughter again. Gerry and Holly Hodge were worried Trinity, who they haven’t seen in many years, had been kidnapped in Mexico. Now they believe she is safe and will be home soon.

There are several versions of what happened to Trinity south of the border, and they’re all bad sounding and unconfirmed. The parents are fearful she may have been harmed and wound up in southern Mexico against her will.

The Hodges first came to realize there was a big problem when a plea for help indicating her life was in danger was posted on Trinity’s Facebook page. It said at one point “I ran for my life.”

They contacted the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, which put them in touch with Trinity.

“She didn’t really tell us much of what happened. She was just in dire straits and wanted to come home,” Gerry said.

CBS4’s Rick Sallinger interviews Gerry and Holly. (credit: CBS)

The embassy wanted them to meet their daughter at the Texas border, but they said they couldn’t afford to get down there.

“Not even close,” Gerry said.

CBS4 contacted the embassy by phone and email, which confirmed they were aware of the case but no details.

“They have been super nice, excellent people. They care,” Gerry said.

Recently, the American Citizens Services section of the embassy told Gerry and Holly that Trinity will be on a plane to Denver soon at no cost to them.

Source: denver.cbslocal

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