Roads Between Sinaloa and Durango are safe


The governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro, assured that thanks to the communication and coordination with the Federal Police and other corporations, traveling between Sinaloa and Durango, both on the Free Highway and on the new highway, is Completely safe.

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He said that the routes are in optimal conditions and that there is a lot of security for the families that decide to travel to the state of Durango in this holiday period.

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On the issue of the National Guard, which officially starts this Sunday, Rosas Aispuro mentioned that his state has fewer problems than others, but his presence is necessary above all in the so-called “Golden Triangle” and in the areas where it borders with the States of Zacatecas and Nayarit, because it is in that region where it is natural to count on the work of those security elements.

“We do not know the exact date that will start, but the commitment is already there and there would be 900 elements for the state of Durango,” he said.

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Rosas Aispuro also spoke about the displaced people from the communities of Los Rotos and Los Angeles and mentioned that all the people were already taken from those places, including the elderly families who could not move.

“Those people are already sheltered with their families and those who are now in the municipality of Pueblo Nuevo and in the part of the city of El Salto are being assisted to see how we help them with the issue of housing.”

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