Mexican Federal government rejects Antisargazo Summit, the reasons will astonish you


Arturo Abreu Marín, the state coordinator of Development Programs, affirmed that the Government of Mexico is against the realization in Cancun of the High-Level Meeting for Sargasso Care in the Greater Caribbean, which begins this Thursday, June 27, because they will arrive direct competitors in tourism.

sargazo mexicanos Antisargazo

Also, he questioned the participation of federal authorities, however, it is likely that there will be an official of the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador

In an interview on Wednesday with Arturo Medina for Radio Formula, Arturo Abreu indicated that the Federal Government expressed its disagreement to carry out the Summit in this tourist city, especially since envoys from countries such as the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, among others, will arrive and witnesses of the problem that Quintana Roo has with the sargasso.

However, he did not rule out the presence of public servants of the AMLO Government.

“I am a witness of a conversation, part of the Federal Government said not to agree with it being done here (Cancun), because our competitors come and they will see the problem. They will see dirty beaches and publish them, “he said.

He added “I’m not sure they will come, but they were against because it’s going to bring competitors.”

He said that the Mexican government is not the organizer of the event, while he said that the sargassum issue is a national concern, because it can deteriorate the fame of Cancun.

“It’s a national concern, not just a local one. It can be a trigger for what is the fame of Cancun, “he warned.

In addition, he added: “we can not be ignored”.

He supported the statements of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, on the fact that the Sargasso call is “not very serious”, because he has to avoid talking about the negative things of the country since he accused that the case is used by some media to hit the politicians in turn.

“We should not talk about our negative things. Unfortunately the communicators are using the bad against the politician in turn, “he said.

Arturo Abreu explained that the action that the Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) will develop to combat the arrival of seaweed, will be slow, but safe.

“It will be slower, because many angles will be touched when removing the sargasso; but it is the safest, because we prevent companies from entering that charge more than their work is worth, “he said.

He said that Semar works based on models used in nations such as Spain and the Netherlands.


Yesterday morning, the High-Level Summit for Sargasso Care in the Caribbean Sea, whose headquarters are the Moon Palace Hotel, began. Authorities of the three levels of government, as well as the private initiative and experts in the field from 12 countries, meet to exchange experiences about the massive arrival of sargassum and how to combat it.

“The objective is to analyze the situation of the sargassum that has affected the last seasons and the joint works that are developed; This meeting that the government carries out has been promoted by businessmen, researchers and environmentalists; the most important will be the exchange of experiences; know the origin of the sargassum, what is its route, what is the situation in each Caribbean country and the possible solutions to avoid economic and environmental problems, “state governor Carlos Joaquín Gonzálezsaid at the summit .

What is sought is that the joint work goes beyond just having clean beaches, assured the president of Quintana Roo.

He listed some of the actions implemented by his government, such as the manual cleaning of beaches, the use of light machinery, the placement of 22 kilometers of marine barriers in front of beaches in various municipalities, with a height of between 12 and 24 inches; This resulted in the withdrawal of more than 522 thousand tons of coastal areas from seven municipalities, investing about 332 million pesos , he said.

The challenges remain that there are industries that can take advantage of the excess of algae, that allows to obtain profits of an environmental problem, but for what it is required that there continue to be investigations that yield conclusive results on what can or not to do with the sargasso.

“We all have this situation; it’s a joint effort, “the governor reaffirmed.


“Facing this phenomenon requires collective efforts; international cooperation is fundamental because it is a theme that is present in the region that we all share; combing sargassum is an everyday task; they are cleaned, in the mornings, sometimes in the afternoons and they come back and they have to be removed again; we must take advantage of the space to establish a regional collaboration agenda for technical support and mechanisms that benefit us to deal with the phenomenon, “said Benito Juárez municipal president Mara Lezama Espinosa .

Reiterates that the problem must be seen beyond the economic impact or the impact on tourism, because it represents a risk to the biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea ; as for example the reefs, which are already being severely affected.

He highlighted the coordination that now exists in the three levels of government with a joint strategy headed by the Secretariat of the Navy . And he added that on behalf of his municipality will follow the days of cleaning where thousands of citizens and officials come to clean the sand.

He trusts that this meeting will allow finding solutions and reaching agreements in the short, medium and long term to resolve the contingency by sargassum.


“Sargassum is provided for in the Fisheries, Income and Wildlife Law; it must be treated as a fishing and research resource, but we do not know when it becomes waste and what residue it is; and it is not in the criteria of the Fonden (National Disaster Fund) to be declared a natural disaster; and yes you can act on deforestation, in wastewater discharges or fertilizer uses; global actions are required where it is clear what is up to each actor “, said during his speech the senator of the Environment Committee, Eduardo Enrique Murat Hinojosa .

The challenge from the Senate says, is the regulation of sargassum as a good of appropriation, starting from defining what sargasso is, in order to know which industry will use it and to whom it belongs; know when it becomes waste and that it is in the law, he said.

Sustainable development should be sought, where humans learn to live with other species, regulate water treatment, respect the Paris agreements on climate change, but the important thing is the will and not just politics, said the senator of the Green and brother of the governor of Oaxaca.


“Sargassum has presented an explosive growth in the Caribbean region as of 2011; in an area where there was registration but minimal presence; its unusual growth and displacement has had an impact in different countries, from Brazil to the United States, passing through the islands of the Greater Caribbean to entering the Gulf of Mexico; It moves according to the currents but it is known that there is an area in international waters near Brazil, whose growth has alerted all affected countries, “said Alfredo Arellano Guillermo, Secretary of Ecology and Environment of Quintana Roo .

He spoke of the international cooperation that has been taking place, from an online forum where there are about 200 participants, who have been exchanging experiences during the last three or four years.

Thanks to this, previous meetings have been held in other countries, which allowed us to organize this large-scale event that begins today and where we hope that the questions that revolve around the origin and behavior of sargassum can be answered, if possible. control the massive arrival of the algae and reduce the economic and environmental impacts. International cooperation is the key factor, he concluded.

Source: nitu, quintafuerza

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