Mexico: Burger King gives refreshments at long line to enter Shake Shack inauguration


The long line to enter the first Shake Shack branch in Mexico was taken advantage of by the competition, Burger King.

Today has been an important day for lovers of hamburgers in Mexico. Shake Shack opened its first branch and long lines were made in front of the establishment located on Avenida Paseo de la Reforma 333.

Anyone would think that such a situation would cause annoyance between brands such as McDonald’s or Burger King But customers who waited to try the Shake Shack burgers were pleasantly surprised when employees of Burger King approached them to provide refreshments. 

Those who waited anxiously to enter Shake Shack were surprised by the presence of several employees of Burger King who, thanks to some trays, carried drinks to give, with refills included. 

Of course, Burger King had to take a slice of this, as reported by social network users, those who gathered at the Shake Shack at the corner of Paseo de la Reforma and Rio Tiber received not only soft drinks but also discount coupons for that another day go to Burger King.

Prices of Shake Shack

If you are one of those who declare themselves to be fans of the hamburger, here is some information that you should know if you need to go to Shake Shack. 

On average, a hamburger from this premium American brand will cost between 85 and 189 pesos. 

Source: milenio

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