2 more inclusive “people with disabilities” parks are planned for Mazatlan


The games have one year warranty, for anomalies, for vandalism or misuse of people

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the good response of the citizens to the Inclusive Parks project that runs the Mazatlan DIF System, the director of the paramunicipal, Roberto Rodríguez Lizárraga said that there are still two more parks, highlighting that there will be four those that as a municipality will be installed in areas of high population.

“Four have been projected, definitely through the private initiative that is how strong we have, good relations, and apart we have another door that Mrs. Gaby will mention, one for some people with disabilities, and we are in talks with those who will provide and facilitate the resource, there are 2 that are already, and 2 that are on the way “.

Where will they be located?

“We are still seeing the place where a greater number of people in wheelchairs or a disability can concentrate, we have an idea, but we do not want to ventilate it so as not to give information that is not accurate,” he said.

Roberto Rodríguez argued that these parks have a guarantee, this, after the complaints and evidence of the misuses that have given to the games, whether people who do not suffer from any disability or acts of vandalism.

Inclusive games

“There is a warranty period on the part of the supplier for one year, at which time the supplier must respond, and the following corresponds to us both painting or any anomaly that may arise.” “The games are exclusive for people with disabilities and a companion only,” he said.

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