Mazatlan maintains a watchfull eye of providers of nautical tourism services


Documentation, life jackets and documentation in order is part of the requirements of Harbor Master’s Office

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- To prevent incidents caused by the physical conditions of the vessels that provide nautical tourism service, the Regional Harbor Master’s Office in Mazatlán concluded a first inspection phase, which was carried out in the navigation channel area.

José Enrique Mora Reyes said that after some signs to boats in the review prior to the holiday period of Easter, the owners solved the faults they had, mainly in the validity of permits and placement of signs with the capacity in their catamarans or boats.

“A presence is made with the federal maritime security personnel, tours are made through the piers to verify that the vessels do not exceed the capacity they have already established in their contract.”

Mora Reyes said that during this weekend and the course of the next will carry out the operation in the area known as the marina and beach gulls, where they provide parachute and banana service, as well as sailboats, kayak and jet skis to verify compliance with the documentation.

He added that in terms of security measures, to date touristic service providers comply with the number of lifejackets, extinguishers and equipment conditions they use daily.

Source: linea directa

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