Artists and celebrities who regret having voted for AMLO


A little more than six months of government and a resounding failure, about 60 percent of Mexicans continue to support President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said Roy Campos, director of consultation Mitofsky in an interview for Foro TV . 

He added that although Lopez Obrador’s popularity does not rise, it has not fallen and remains stable. 

However, the number of Mexicans repented for having given their vote to AMLO has grown, and we can realize this thanks to the ‘blessed social networks’, a place that has used different artists and famous people in the middle to express their rejection or withdraw their support, and criticize AMLO harshly .. 

Such is the case of the singer and actress Susana Zabaleta , who although in the presidential campaign was one of the most enjoyed, celebrated and even mocked those who left the government, has revealed disappointed in the 4T. 

Through social networks, Zabaleta answered the journalist Sergio Sarmiento, who reminded him of his praising statements, together with hope for the culture sector.

Like Zabaleta several repentant and disappointed with the first months of the government of López Obrador have come out, the reason why she doubts his government since it is supposed to be carried out in 2021 the mandate revocation exercise. 

Among the 40 percent that now requires the resignation of AMLO , we can also find the actress and singer Patricia Navidad who said this Monday will no longer support the government of the 4T, because according to her, the president has contradicted himself on several occasions and his campaign promises do not correspond to the actions he already takes as head of the Executive.

Also the actress Claudia Lizaldi sent a message to the Tabascan leader where he asked him to behave as president and not as a candidate.

Likewise, the creative musicians of #YoTeAMLO , a subject in which artists such as Regina Orozco, Fernando Rivera Calderón and Horacio Franco participated and where they incited Mexicans to vote for the famous fourth transformation, expressed their discontent with some decisions of the 4T.

The painter and sculptor, Vicente Rojo, who celebrates 70 years living in Mexico, after having given his vote to López Obrador as he said in an interview with Carlos Loret de Mola, almost seven months after the new government, said he was disappointed and worried about the cuts to science, culture, and health. 

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“I see what is happening, not only to culture, to science, to medicine, to worry, because they say that everything is going well, but obviously the cuts are there and those cuts are very dramatic. We are six or seven months away from the new administration and I suppose someone will have to start thinking that we have to act in a more positive way, “he said in an interview with El Universal. 

Well, could not miss two of the greatest applauders of Tabasco, who with their great influence in the cinema, managed to win the support of the people for the 4T, obviously we refer to Diego Luna and Gael Gael García , who many times celebrated the triumph of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, now they are not very happy. 

And so, in the same group of those who now criticize and no longer support López Obrador, the hundreds of teachers and parents affected by the cancellation of subsidies for children’s stays must walk . The parents of children and adults who suddenly no longer found treatments for cancer and other ailments due to the austerity of the 4T.

As well as dozens of artists, athletes, poets, painters, sculptors, theaters and scientists who took their support. 

How many will not vote for Obrador and Morena again in 2021?

Source: el universal, laotraopinion, foro tv, el sol de mexico

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