Mazatlan Civil Protection Prepares hurricane prevention plan


In order to have an injury free season during the next rainy and hurricane season, Oscar Roberto Osuna, Director of State Civil Protection, reported that this year what is sought is the total prevention of accidents especially in areas of risk and schools near of streams and channels.

“The main thing is the protection of children, we will be very attentive to issue relevant recommendations and prevent children from being exposed to rain problems but we will be very aware and constant in any situation,” said Roberto Osuna. In the municipality of Mazatlan there are 16 schools that are in risk zone because they are located near bodies of water.

“There are 16 schools susceptible to floods, some have more latent risk than others but we will give them full attention,” he explained.

Oscar Osuna Oscar made a call to the public to be aware of official sources because sometimes people are involved in a confusion by rumors that come to arise and invited people to take all necessary prevention measures that indicate the maximum authorities as well as being pending and locating the different temporary shelters that are being set up throughout the State.

“Mainly we must ignore official sources, we must not replicate information that comes from unofficial authorities because rumors arise and instead of preventing causes an alarm among the citizens,” he said.

Source: sel

The Mazatlan Post