Mazatlan Foreign Community and Tourists Suffer Robberies


Ramiro Lizárraga Medina said that an operation was implemented in housing areas of the tourist strip

Mazatlan, Sin.- The number of crimes such as robberies in homes and vehicles has increased considerably in recent weeks in the city’s tourist strip, especially that which includes the Flamingos , Lomas de Mazatlan, Gaviotas and Sábalo Country districts. , affirmed Ramiro Lizárraga Medina.

The Secretary of Public Security in Mazatlan said that the main victims of these crimes are American and Canadian; For this reason, an operative is already being implemented where suspicious vehicles or reports of the same citizenship are reviewed, in order to inhibit the criminals.

Vigilance and Extra Police are working there were to strengthen the sectors and because it is a tourist area, we cannot put a very big or colorful operation because we may scare the tourist.

He noted that most of the detainees are people who work in the area and know in detail the schedules of those who settle in the aforementioned divisions.

He exhorted the citizens to report any suspicious person in the area and they will go and verify if it represents a danger both for those who settle there, as for those who work and go to restaurants and businesses in the Golden Zone.


The robberies to houses and vehicles, the subdivisions being monitored:


Lomas de Mazatlán


Sábalo Country

Emergency numbers

Firefighters(669) 981 2769(669) 983 9920
Red Cross(669) 981 3690
Municipal police(669) 983 4510/080
Federal Judicial Police(669) 985 5440(669) 981-2512
Tourist Police(669) 914 8444
Police transit(669) 983 2816
Federal Preventive Police(669) 980 6879/80
General Hospital(669) 984 0058
ISSSTE(669) 986 3343
IMSS Emergencies(669) 984 7841/49/65
Harbor captaincy(669) 982 2404
Profeco(669) 982 3670
Green Angels (Roadside assistance)(669) 982 8740(669) 983 8875

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