Chinese-Mandarin, the new language to learn in Mexico


After the commercial disputes between the United States and Mexico, the Chinese-Mandarin domain opens opportunities for Mexicans.

The Mandarin Chinese language is more important than ever. After the rupture of China with the United States, Mexico is of great interest to the Asian country, so students and professionals must prepare to learn the language and access unparalleled opportunities.

Marisol Contreras Ortega works as administrative director of the Hanyu Laguna Cultural Center in Torreón and comments that “now there is a lot of opportunities, the first place that China is observing to take advantage of tourism, technology and trade is Mexico”.

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He emphasizes that opportunities with China are beginning mainly in careers such as Mechatronics, International Trade, and Tourism. He explains that even though English is spoken in China, it is better for an engineer to read the instructions for installing machinery in Mandarin Chinese, as well as having the advantage of being based in China, another objective of entrepreneurs visiting Mexico.

“China is investing in professionals who know Mandarin Chinese to pay for a master’s degree and total stay in their country, the relationship with Mexico is strengthened and professionals obtain international job opportunities.”

He also mentions that not only students can learn from the language and culture of China, but the application also gives rise to any area. “The restaurateur that offers a specialized service to receive Chinese businessmen is great because there are essential rituals to understand this public, which leaves us an attractive economic benefit in tourism,” he says.

For this reason, Marisol Contreras invites citizens to prepare with Mandarin Chinese, in the same way, that China is preparing with Spanish to work in Latin America, the only thing that must be done is to learn the Asian language and culture.

“The Mexican must remove the chip on China to open more opportunities, in the end, we are not so different Chinese and Mexicans … we are more similar than Americans,” he concludes.

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Hanyu Laguna Cultural Center It is a center of Chinese culture that is born in the heart of the Comarca Lagunera, whose main objective is the teaching of the Mandarin Chinese language, allowing users to learn, develop and execute educational, cultural and commercial actions.

Source: milenio, Centro Cultural Hanyu Laguna en Torreón

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