San Diego firefighters provide courses at Mazatlan stations


Firefighters of Escuinapa, Rosario, and Elota also participate in the contribution of knowledge from foreigners

Mazatlan, Sin.- For the seventh consecutive year members of the Tijuana Fire Brigade in Mexico and San Diego California, the United States meet with their counterparts in Mazatlan to share part of their knowledge for three days, which they will put into practice next Friday. , detailed Oscar Saucedo.

The Captain of the San Diego Fire Department emphasized that the North American city and the Port of Mazatlan have a very different infrastructure, but the vast majority of combat techniques are similar, so they will focus on training incident commanders and how to attack the fire. to counteract it in less time, the two topics will be theoretical and practical.

“The department is very different, but the practices are the same, it’s the hose, how to extinguish the fire, the staff that’s been the same, but obviously it’s much bigger San Diego, everything we teach them is what we do us there. “

Captain Saucedo commented that the visit and the contribution of their knowledge has the purpose that the active elements and those who receive the training to be part of the ranks provide better service results at the time of presenting an emergency, to the training they are added in assistance volunteers from Escuinapa, Rosario and Elota.

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