Russia and Mexico to eliminate visa requirments


The Russian ambassador in Mexico, Viktor Koronelli , assured that his government continues working to suppress the visa between both countries.

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“We are working on that, currently with most of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean we already have agreements on visa suppression, we only need Mexico and Belize, however, the Belizean government has already expressed its agreement to sign the agreement. “, Reported after the celebration of the National Day of Russia in his embassy in Mexico.

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The diplomat said that the Russian draft of an agreement to suppress the visa that would allow citizens of both countries to stay up to 90 days during a period of every six months, regardless of the number of entries, has been sent to the Mexican side for some time. It is an opportunity to increase tourist exchange.

“We expect a favorable response from the Mexican government. During my meeting in September of last year with the now president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, I put the issue on the table and he told me that the suppression of the visa would be the first signed agreement of his government with Russia, I trust that it will be completed this year, it is the desire and the Russian proposal, “he said.

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In 2018 around 50,000 Russian tourists visited the Riviera Maya, while the Mexican tourist flow to the Federation has been rising after the celebration of the World Cup . “Russia wants to avoid the cost of the visa and procedures to increase tourist exchange.”

Mexican Initiative

On other issues, Koronelli said that the Mexican government is being followed up on what supports the efforts that Mexico has made to make the flow of migrants more organized.

In addition, he stressed that Mexico is able to get ahead before any external threat.

Source: el economista

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