Cat problem persists at Mazatlan Lighthouse


The overpopulation of felines is ending with the wildlife of the place as iguanas, lizards, and birds expressed María Esther Juárez, president of the board

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- The presence of cats in the Faro Mazatlan Natural Park continues to be a serious problem due to the depredation of native species from Cerro del Crestón, María Esther Juárez said.

The president of the attractive patronage specified that it is a complex issue because if the fact that people feed the felines that lie in the place allows them to satisfy their natural need, people should be aware that this is not a place to deposit the cats that no longer want in their homes.

“It’s a solution to the problem immediately because, because then those cats are kittens that are fed, they do not have the need to hunt but it is not the solution or it is not the place where they should live.”

He pointed out that many of the cats that are in the Lighthouse are of homemade origin and it is sad to see them looking for affection with the users, for which they initiated talks with the direction of Ecology and Environment of the City Council for a campaign of awareness among people who avoid taking your cats.

He added that a shelter or a sanctuary would be ideal for the transfer of these cats, especially to avoid further depredation of the animal species that inhabit the Lighthouse such as iguanas, lizards, birds, and their eggs.

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