Sorry Egypt: but the largest pyramid in the world is in Mexico


A colossal site, rarely recognized in Mexico.

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When thinking of colossal pyramids, Egypt is the first place that comes to mind. However, it is an erroneous association: the  largest pyramidal basement  in the world is in Mexico and it is not in Teotihuacán – as one might think – but in Cholula, in the state of Puebla. Here is Tlachihualtépetl, better known as the Pyramid of Cholula.

This construction is the largest pyramidal basement in the world, with 400 meters per side. The Khufu pyramid, considered by many to be the largest in the world, is only 230. Despite this, the Cholula Pyramid goes unnoticed because a large part of its structure is hidden under a mountain. In addition to this, it is the most voluminous in the world, with 4 million 500 thousand cubic meters.

pyramid of cholula

According to archaeological studies, this pyramid dates back to 300 BC and its construction lasted between 500 and 1000 years. It was built in honor of the god Tlaloc, and belonged to many different communities. The last one was Teotihuacán.

The Pyramid of Cholula was used as a place of worship and was decorated with red, black and yellow insects. The passage of time, however, made this change and that these colors were replaced by tropical vegetation. Thus, when the Spaniards arrived in Cholula, in 1519, they confused the pyramid with a mountain.

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